Most Commonly Abused Substances

Hundreds of people in and around the Bloomington area battle substance abuse problems. Many of them do so silently, afraid of the next steps or unsure where to turn. Substance abuse problems wreck the lives of those battling the problem as well as the people who love them the lost. Luckily, substance abuse problems can be resolved when a person finds their will to make a change.

Some of the most commonly abused substances in Bloomington include:

·    Prescription Drugs: Opioid medications and other narcotics are not as easily accessible from doctors nowadays since millions of people across the world battle addictions and problems with the drugs.  Many teens and younger people begin using prescription drugs and proceed to cheaper, harder drugs as their addiction progresses, although anyone of any age can be affected.

·    Heroin: Several types of heroin exist, black tar being the most dangerous. Heroin can cause addiction after just one use. An overdose is also possible.

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·    Methamphetamines: Meth, as it’s usually called, is a substance of choice for many people because it is easy to make and easy to access. It’s also extremely dangerous to a person’s health and mental well-being.

·    Alcohol: Far too many people assume that since it’s legal, alcohol is not a problem. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Since it’s legal and many have this misconception, it is easy to face an alcohol addiction without realizing what’s happened.

Most people find the greatest success when they attend an in-patient substance abuse treatment bloomington. An in-patient program provides all the tools needed to get on the right road, free of the dependence on substances that have turned life awry. Although beating a substance abuse problem is not easy, it is possible when the first step is taken.