Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

You want to practice proper oral hygiene, as such you want to make sure that you go in for teeth cleaning at least twice a year.  When it comes to teeth cleaning bellevue it is a simple process where the dentist will give you an overall oral exam, clean your teeth and make sure that you are not in need of any other extensive procedures.


The first thing that you need to do is relax.  When you go into the dentists you want to relax and make yourself at home.  You want to read the magazines, look at the toys in the waiting room and just mentally prepare yourself for the situation.  Then when you are called back to get cleaned don’t freak out when you see the room.

The room

The room at the dentists can seem scary and frightening.  The large light overhead, the big chair, a sink and a table filled with a lot of sharp looking metal equipment.  When you enter the room many people will start to flashback to horror movies.  Don’t do this.  You are in a safe place.

Sit in the chair

You want to sit in the chair and be comfortable.  You want to position yourself so that you won’t have any pressure on your back or any other part of the body.  When sitting in the chair the dentist will place a bib around your neck so that it will protect your shirt and clothing from saliva and blood.

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Follow instructions

When in the chair the dentist will ask you to perform some specific tasks.  These ill be spitting, rinsing your mouth out and more.  It is important that you follow these instructions so he can finish the procedure as quickly as possible.

It will be painful

Pain is a part of the dentist experience.  Depending on the level of damage to your mouth and teeth, the pain may be lesser or greater in intensity.  Just know that once it is over you will begin to feel a sense of relief.