The Dentist Has No Suckers

Those who choose not to take their kids to see the dentist regularly are suckers. It does not matter whether the little ones have been tugging on their sleeves, telling them; this is what we learned at school today. Teacher said I must go and see the pediatric dentist near me south gate. She says that you should be taking me at least twice a year.

What the heck is a pediatric dentist?

Never heard of it. Don’t bother me now. Busy. Watching the ballgame. Or going to the mall. Want to come along? These are suckers. These are foolish folks. The foolish things that foolish people do to get their foolish kicks.

And a kick in the backside the day they find a gaping big hole in the side of their mouth the size of a volcano crater. What the heck is a volcano crater? Yup, you get folks like that. It’s not like they never went to school or anything.

pediatric dentist near me south gate

It’s just that they couldn’t have been bothered. Who wants to go to the dentist? That’s for old folks when their teeth start falling out of their jaws like hailstones from the sky. It’s not kid’s stuff, so don’t worry about it. Oh, you should be worried, kiddo.

And by the way – or is it BTW, that’s how these folks communicate with each other these days, no wonder they’re always getting their wires crossed – a pediatric dentist is a specialist dentist. He’s got a special place in his heart for kids. He specialises in treating young kids.

There are no suckers in his surgery, fraid to say. The usual gift given to youngsters who behave themselves. Or just do what their moms and dads told them to do, even if it was the wrong thing.